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Step One

This is where you will choose the shirt, hat, hoodie or polo you would like to design on or whatever product is available for you use.

Step Two

In this step you will add whatever text that you want to have on your project. You can make The Text bigger by hitting the + where it says in large text or the - for making it smaller then at that point you would go ahead and click Update Text.

Step Three

In this step you will add the design of your choice I click in on Designs. Next if you want to change colors of that design in the top left hand corner you should see a little color palette click on the color palette a new window will pop open at that point. To change a particular color in the design you've chosen, click the color in the design that you want change than in the right hand side in the color palette choose the color you want to change it to you should automatically see that color change in the design. after you're finished changing the colors that you would like to change click submit and the colors will change on the design on your project. Then you can move the design to any part of the drop zone that you're working in and you're done.

Step Four

Now you'll click add to cart from there you would choose the number of garments for each size that you want.